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Tommy Holstein

Chief Executive Officer

Founder and CEO, Tommy runs the show here at Holstein Studios. He is also our videographer and editor, and creates all video content for Holstein Studios and our clients. As a lover of all things board and card games, he barely has enough room in his living room for his collection. He's an avid book reader and can't function properly without coffee and morning walks.

Dillon Koch

Chief Operating Officer

Dillon is our Chief Operating Officer, and makes sure our daily operations are running smoothly. Dillon enjoys building things with his hands, UFC, and is a proud dog owner. He is a deep believer that St. Louis style pizza is the best pizza, and will happily debate anyone who opposes this belief.

Gary Meyer

Client Relations Manager

As our CRM, Gary is responsible for maintaining client communication. He is an avid soccer fan, and even plays recreationally. He's a tattoo enthusiast and is currently working on two sleeves (one of his tattoos is literally Gary the Snail). Gary also has a deep passion for Gringo Dip from 54th Street, and believes it to be the most superior of sauces.